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Suzanne 3 years ago
I worked a truck stop on I-95 hooked up with this black guy and Mexican. They offered me 0 to do them both I accepted I earned every penny. Those two asshole were the biggest dick bastards I ever met. When they dp'd me I thought they were ripping me apart. I couldn't fuck for a week. They tried to ruin my asshole, mouth and pussy.
hero 3 years ago
damn man, what fucking country is that? ive seen many of ur vids and theyre all gorgeous... they shouldnt be that cheap. id rescue them and married them any of them
Jman 3 years ago
The bandage on her finger is nasty
Hookerz man 3 years ago
That’s no secret I live with mine and she’s over paid
3 years ago
They're not real prostitutes, I think they're actresses if they were prostitutes they would not be cheap.
Bruh 3 years ago
girl with aids
Gotta 10 months ago
Find that street on my way home from work tomorrow
from China 2 years ago
which country ? so cheap and so good serivce´╝ü
Fuck 3 years ago
Your mother
Paulo 1 year ago
Vivo em Rebordosa anda ate minha casa para eu te meter ni cu