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2 years ago
For the people who saying her acting is bad. Here's a little background story about the lady, Drisana. She was offered money and first refuse, but the producers offered more and then she agreed. This was her first time on screen. She did not enjoyed it...
Nobody 2 years ago
At 10:40 the way she removed his hands off her she ain't interested in u grandpa lol. XD
Big black 3 years ago
What's her name ?
tony stark 3 years ago
ladki ki acting
3 years ago
Her acting is shit
Hot boy 3 years ago
Funny sex
Chanchal 3 years ago
Indian girl fuck with foreigners
2 years ago
Is she being raped.
Aaa 3 years ago
Nice big boobs
Ssp 3 years ago
She is to Good