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I have 3 years ago
I answered an add on CL for white guy large cock to abuse the wife. I show up, he is in his 60's she is 26, smoking hot, hotter than I could get on my own. what they wanted or he wanted was her total abuse, he even had a contract that we signed that it was all consensual, said they tried it with several guys and no one delivered what they wanted. guess I did because it went on for almost three years.
Yes 5 years ago
Totally turned on, I would definitely like to lick her pussy and give it a good pounding with my 6 inch hard cock
Timmy Tony 1 year ago
Yesterday I watched a man fuck my wife's pussy, fack fuck my wife and stretch her ass out badly.
She said she had to let him fuck her because he gave her free weed.
With 7 years ago
My 3 in hard cock I would do more than Yaw'll would lol .. Not enuff jokes on here
I would 7 years ago
be all up in that with my nine inches of hard black cock ... I'd show her husband what a real man would do with that tight little piece of pussy ... she is cute and sexy ... what a nice combination ... and I would aim to please her in every way ... so much pussy, so little time ...
OK. I am 7 years ago
definitely hooked on this babe ... I want to lick that pussy and hear her moan and tell me how good I am at that ... 'cause I am good ... I love to lick pussy and get a woman off two or three times as she gets ready for a pounding with my nine inches of hard black cock ... and this one would definitely get a lot of attention ...
Bruh 6 years ago
I bet 95% of marriages end because of the shit that happened here. Given that those two were actually married. It would be sicken to see another man inside your wife. That's your "property", that's YOUR wife. Why let some one dude bust a nut in her man. You are stupid.