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svd 1 year ago
this dick not small
1 year ago
He couldn’t get hard because he masturbates to porn way too much and his penis is desensitized to girls mouth, hands and vagina
Whatdefoq 1 year ago
He with his small thing gets nice pussy but me just masturbating and continue to my life that isn't fair dood;(
TheMoreYouKnow 1 year ago
Known facts.
Average dick sized are 5.1 to 5.5 inches. Also, an average girl feels pleasure with just 1.5 inches of penetration. Her clitoris with the gspot is the main pleasure organ. The clit is the outside portion which is the extension of the gspot which can be found 1.5 inches inside the vagine just beneath where the clitoris is (curling your finger will help you get to it).
Unknown fact: majority of women will never experience orgasm through penetration
Phil 1 year ago
I love showing off my 4inch dick
small dick nick 1 year ago
damn hes smaller than me
1 year ago
Damn everyone in these comments clowning on him when he pulls more than you ever will, also I have seen smaller his is small but It's not a micropenis
Mr Obvious 1 year ago
She is beautiful. She certainly helped that guy, a heck of a lot. He is a lucky guy !!! She may be in a takevan near you soon, until then..... Watch this one again, I will too, it's pretty fab. Mea Malone is Gorge. and I like a lot of the VAN stuff :)
1 year ago
Feel sad having the same size as him. Fortunately my boat can coast through any ocean
Joe Biden 1 year ago
His load is bigger than his cock.