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Applications Or Uses Of Computer

A computer is an extremely useful electronic device.  There are many applications of a computer. The computer has reached to every section of human society, from schools to hospitals, business organizations, institutions, everywhere.

We can not imagine our daily life without the use of computers.

We use the computer for selling and purchasing goods, online studies for searching for anything on the Internet, playing games and videos, etc.

Knowledge about the use of computers is indeed essential these days because most of the tasks today are carried out vie computers.

applications of computer

The applications of computers in different fields are: 

Applications Of Computer In Education

This is one of the biggest merit or advantage of computers because students, professionals can get a quality education at their fingertips. 

Today people use video sharing websites for learning such as Youtube is a favorite learning platform for people.

Search for your favorite topic, you will find thousands of videos made by users for educational purpose. 

Instructional material can be prepared and stored within the computer system in the form of programs.

Students can learn specific lessons through these programs on computers. This form of teaching aid has been used successfully supplement to more formal teaching methods.

A program can be used by many students, thus freeing the teacher to spend time on personal more tuition.

According to J.T. Fouts, the first use of computers in education was in 1970.

However, now computers and its technology are used in almost every educational institution around the world.

Computers are being used in education in the following ways:

Distance Learning

Computers and related technologies are being used to learn in various ways

Such as teleconferencing, video-conferencing, audio graphics, teletext, video text, multimedia and hypermedia, e-books, online databases, online discussions, on-demand calls in courses, etc.

• Reduced cost
• Independent of time and place
• Quality education through results from mass production of course content
• Many of its students can benefit

On-Line examination

Today, with the help of computers and the Internet, online examinations are being taken and people are filling the form online for examinations.

Computer-Aided Learning

Learning and teaching through computers with the help of projectors and PowerPoint presentations is pickup very fast these days in schools.

Different subjects are taught with the help of computers. Exercises of mathematics, English, and other subjects can be done with their help. 

Education through computers is very helpful for small kids.

Because they can learn the alphabets, numbers, word, formation, tables, etc, on the computer with the help of colors and cartoons in a very interesting manner.

Computers are also helpful in other fields of schools like preparing results, making time table, collecting fees, etc.


Applications Of Computer In Business 

In the business sector, a computer is used in many ways.

Businesses use computers for their daily tasks such as calculating salary, writing letters, emailing, creating invoices, printing, scanning documents, creating different types of reports, etc.

Computers are used in business to automate the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution process.

Companies have a lot of functions in which computers are used in research, production, distribution, marketing, banking, team management, business automation, data storage, employee management.

In industry, production may be planned, coordinated, and controlled with the help of a computer. The computer may also be used to direct the operation of individual machine tools (drills, saws, etc,) and even to prepare assembly machines.

And computers help to increase productivity in less time with higher quality.

Computers help businesses to collect and organize customer data and information through computer software such as Microsoft word, excel, lower PowerPoint, and tally.

The computer helps communicate faster with the customer using the Internet.

Businesses create marketing and advertising materials using Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, online designing tools with the help of computers.

Applications Of Computer In Transportation

In the field of transport, the use of computers has assisted a lot, as below:

Use of Computer In Airlines

Air traffic control, which is responsible for organizing the safe movement of overcrowded airlines, depends on a significant amount of computer support.

As flying speeds increase, control decisions have to be taken more quickly.
Small computers, made possible by the development of compact integrated circuits, can be installed as part of the aeroplane’s equipment.

These computers are programmed to continuously analyze data, which is relayed directly from the various instruments and to provide coordinated information to the pilot in time for human decision and action.

The control itself can also be invested in the computer so that, when certain conditions arise, automatic corrective action is immediately taken without the need for slower human intervention.

At ground level, computers are used for the efficient handling of seat reservations, crew schedules, timetables, tariffs, cargoes, maintenance schedules, personnel records, accounting, and stock control.

Computer-Based Railway Reservation

A computer-based railway reservation system for berths and seats have become a boon to railway passengers. Computer-controlled ticket machines are being used to facilitate the automatic checking of tickets.

Use of Computer In Shipping 

Shipping companies devise the best method of loading and storing cargo, using computer programs which are designed to take into account such variable factors as size, weight, solidity, destination, and urgency.

Computer has been effectively used in traffic and shipping activities in ports

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